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Dave Yeaman Photography


I started my career as a complete geek! Database Programming for a travel company!?!? Then, way back in the 80's I became involved in the DTP revolution (remember that acronym?). Since then I've ran my own business as an Apple Reseller and Authorised Service Provider and more recently a Samsung Service Centre.


So, how did I get from that to Photography? - convergence of tech? Maybe. Wanting to try something different, something I enjoy? Perhaps. In reality, it's this simple; I enjoy it. It's incredibly rewarding to see the end result and know that you've done a good job. Photography has become my new passion.


Throughout my career, I've been involved with Apple Macs, either at the user end in my early career in Typesetting, through to the other side of the fence, supplying them and repairing them.


All the way I've been exposed (excuse the pun) to photographers and decided to take up the challenge. At first it was a distraction, something different, something to do at the weekend. Always been keen to learn, it didn't take me long to realise that photography is a heady subject once you get in to it - not to mention addictive and expensive! 


Many years later and here I am!


I pay particular attention to detail, especially in post processing as I believe that's where most of the magic takes place. With the wonders of Adobe PhotoShop and Apple Aperture, you can take things to a whole new level!


Give me a call to discuss your requirements - I'm easy going, say it how it is, competitive, capable and up for the challenge.

Dave Yeaman Photography
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