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Betafence - Sheffield

Better known for their high security perimeter fencing solutions, they have recently branched out and have started providing fencing solutions specifically designed for the residential market.

As part of the marketing process they needed fresh photography for the new products, which they had, but were taken in Italy - photos that really didn’t reflect how things look here in the UK. I was asked initially to come on-site to photograph their display area they’d recently set up.

It ended up being quite an interesting exercise. I’m used to being outside taking photographs of buildings, sites and other angular and architectural designs. I approached this job with the same mindset - after all, it’s a lot of straight lines and angles - it was just a case of finding those angles, to try and make a shot of a fence in a display area, look half interesting.

Turned out to be much more than that in the end. As well as trying to find creative angles, for what, in reality, is quite a flat and uninspiring object, was the easy bit. It was the repeatability of the detail shots that caught me off guard; making sure each shot matched the previous in terms of focal length, light, positioning, perspective etc. The most time and effort was spent setting up those shots up to ensure repeatability. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t perfect, there was quite a lot of post-processing to get things just right - touching up of rough wood, spot cleaning, lens correction (so everything was nice and square). A days shoot ending up having two days in post processing!

Still, it was an enjoyable day and quite a departure from my normal work, hence this blog post.

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